Taste the passion and dedication of Neuhaus chocolate and pralines at the Aelia Duty Free eShop or shop for your sweet treats at our shops at Brussels Airport or Charleroi. The chemist Jean Neuhaus came up with the ingenious idea of enrobing his medicines with a layer of chocolate to pamper his customers. His grandson continued the business in 1912 but substituted the medicines with an irresistible chocolate filling, creating the original iconic Belgian praline as we know it today. Enjoy the harmonious combination of flavours and textures, achieved by pairing only the most refined ingredients. Neuhaus’s Maîtres Chocolatiers create the most delicious, mouth-wateringly good chocolates, with unparalleled dedication and care, for their clientele. We should pay more and proper attention to each other, cherishing the friendship and love of the people around us. Make time for each other and enjoy the loving warmth. Neuhaus is all about caring and sharing.