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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Find the best Valentine gift ideas on Aelia Duty Free eShop. Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to show your love to your lover, your family or friends. Order now your Valentine gift and receive a free mini ballotin!
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  1. Giorgio Armani Because It's You
    In Eu €56.10
    Out Eu €56.10
  2. Giorgio Armani Stronger with You
    In Eu €47.90
    Out Eu €47.90
  3. Lancôme Monsieur Big Heart-Shaped Palette
    In Eu €51.90
    Out Eu €51.90
  4. Bottega Bottega Prosecco Rose Gold
    In Eu €21.60
    Out Eu €21.10
  5. Neuhaus Valentine Sharingbox
    In Eu €36.10
    Out Eu €36.10
  6. Leonidas Saint Valentine Gift Box
    In Eu €12.50
    Out Eu €12.50
  7. Neuhaus Love Letter
    In Eu €21.85
    Out Eu €21.85
  8. Piper-Heidsieck Piper Heidsieck Le Parfum
    In Eu €49.90
    Out Eu €48.90
  9. Tiffany Tiffany & Love for Him EDT
    In Eu €52.80
    Out Eu €52.80
  10. Tiffany Tiffany & Love for Her EDP
    In Eu €76.80
    Out Eu €76.80
  11. Essie Valentine's Day Collection
    In Eu €9.90
    Out Eu €9.90
  12. Corné Port-Royal Heartshaped Leather Box
    In Eu €29.90
    Out Eu €29.90
  13. Neuhaus Red Metal Heart
    In Eu €17.10
    Out Eu €17.10
  14. Marcolini Plumier Les Coeurs
    In Eu €18.90
    Out Eu €18.90
  15. Neuhaus Biscuits Plaisirs
    In Eu €20.90
    Out Eu €20.90
  16. Prada Candy Kiss EDP
    In Eu €53.10
    Out Eu €53.10
  17. Neuhaus Wine Pairing Box
    In Eu €19.90
    Out Eu €19.90
    Belgian Original
  18. Marcolini Mini Malline Découverte
    In Eu €9.40
    Out Eu €9.40
  19. Godiva Coeur Iconique - 14 Assorted Chocolates
    In Eu €17.90
    Out Eu €17.90
  20. Calvin Klein Ck IN2U Her
    In Eu €29.90
    Out Eu €29.90

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